The competitors setting off on the swim leg of Ironman South Africa from Hobie Beach

Today was one of the flagship events on Port Elizabeth’s annual events calender and one of the most grueling races in endurance sports in the world. Ironman South Africa is hosted in Port Elizabeth annually and is the only Ironman on the African continent. The competition starts with a 3.8 km swim followed by a 180 km cycle. If that wasn’t enough, it is ended off with a 42.2 km run. All in one day.
For a couple more pictures on Ironman, visit my photo blog at The Firefly Photo Files.
For more information as well as the history of Ironman, visit Wikipedia.

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  1. Antjas

    Wow, this is an amazing shot!!

  2. glduro_marieloupe

    Amazing photo! This sky and sea golden color its fantastic!

  3. Anonymous

    I want to see PE one day soon!

  4. Suzi-k

    Brilliant shot, and I am impressed, for someone who doesn’t like rising with the sparrows, you were clearly op ‘n waker and ready to roll! See, sunrise really is a special time of the day!

  5. Sakiwi

    The swimmers resemble a flock of birds about to take off!

  6. Jo

    Did you take that photo? It is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. The energy and the light … omish! Wonderful.

  7. Andrew

    Great shot! What perfect conditions for the start of the iron man!

  8. Deniel Hopkins

    good post and love the photo!! keep tri-ing

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