Ironman South Africa

Probably one of the biggest challenges in the world of endurance sports is Ironman. Run all over the world, the only city in Africa to host an Ironman is Port Elizabeth. Ironman is the ultimate test of endurance. It starts with a 3,8 kilometer swim followed by a 180 kilometer cycle and a 42.2 kilometer run. I get tired just watching these guys go.

I was on the beach at sunrise this morning to see the competitors off on their swim. The conditions were perfect with barely a breeze and a very flat ocean.
07h00 and they are off…

They swim two laps before coming out the water into transition before the cycle. There was a hole in the shallows and a couple of the competitors had a bit of a dive after the fact.

The grueling 180 km cycle gets done over three circular laps of 60 km each around the city. The cycle was done in souring heat with temperatures probably reaching into the 30’s today. As I am writing this most of the competitors are still busy with their run. Cut-off is at midnight tonight and by then some competitors would have been going for 17 hours. Two of the most awesome competitors out there today were a blind guy with his guide and a guy who towed a young boy with him the whole way. And of cause Pamiejane, one of my blog friends.

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  1. Karin

    Good heavens, I can’t even image doing one leg, let alone three! These guys really are very tough, I don’t know how they do it. Great pictures, well worth the early start!

  2. Steffi

    Thank you…you are now at my list!Our BBQ was good but we have missing our Anne with us on the table…Your post about ironman is very interesting and your pics are very good again.I love to see such challenges and I have a lot of respect to the sportsmen!

  3. Janet

    My ex brother-in-law did the Iron man once. It really is tough. I love the photo’s on your last blog about the elephants – truly incredible!

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