Golden sunrise

Sunrise on Hobie Beach taken yesterday morning just before the start of Ironman

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  1. Jenty

    Wow, that’s a magnificent shot!

  2. Janet

    That is exquisite!

  3. Avril

    Wow – that’s beautiful, stunning! Just LOVE sunrises and this one is perfect!

  4. Avril

    Now to add as I have had time to scroll down! Better you than me getting up so early to see the competitors off on their gruelling event! Fantastic photos! .. and then the ellie ones – amazing!! ..close up of skin and those huge feet! Needs a major pedicure!! .. didn’t realise the tail looked like that close up. Have learnt a lot today – thanks!!

  5. Karin

    Stunning shot, I love the colours! I wish I was more of a morning person – I’ve made all kinds of plans to get up early to photograph the world at sunrise, but I’m afraid the duvet always wins…

  6. Steffi

    Stunning!Your sunrise looks better as ours on TuesdaY!

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