Old House

The other day we gave a brief description of the history of the Richmond Hill area. We mentioned that part of it was called the Strangers Location, and next to it was a section owned by the London Missionary Society, and used to help house workers, mostly employed at the Port. Here is an old wood and corrugated iron house from their section, much of which was destroyed in 1903…. but that is tomorrow’s story!

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  1. quintarantino

    Since I lived for almost 11 years in old Pretoria (Tshwane now, isnĀ“t it?), I’m always glad to see things about South Africa, that big and lovely country.As for your question on my … SECRETS … I must tell you it was pure luck. Those lights on the buildings are always there and I guess they gave me a good help. As for the rest, I can only guess my new Canon Powershot S5 IS is really good …

  2. b.c.

    that’s a charming little cottage, I love the way the plants seem to have the run of the place!

  3. Neva

    You live in a very interesting part of the world…this is a lovely house….

  4. Sonia

    I think it’s a nice house with white walls and flowers on the edge of the roof.

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