Happy Valley

Who living in Port Elizabeth can say that they have never been to Happy Valley? Probably not many. Some people (like myself) went there as kids and now take their kids. I love going to Happy Valley. It is a wonderland of colourful lights and kids story and rhyme characters. Happy Valley is situated on the beachfront just off Humewood Beach. It truly is a Port Elizabeth institution. For more on Happy Valley, go here.

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  1. leilani

    I LOVE the name !!!! HAPPY VALLEY!!! Aloha from Hawaii

  2. Anonymous

    So there IS a fairytale land !!

  3. Ann

    WoW !! Love shot number one, this looks such a fun place for children and adults alike, it looks so beautifully tropical, perfect. Lovely group of shots. :0)

  4. Marcelle

    This is a lovely place Happy Valley…I never knew PE had something like that there, saying that there is so many place in my own country I’ve never visited….terrible!!!:) thanks for comment in my blog, gave me good *giggle*

  5. Karin

    I also like the first shot. My kids would have a ball there!

  6. amanda

    o my goodness, this brings back a multitude of fond memories! We went every year and I loved every moment of it.

  7. Janet

    What a beautiful place! I love it! Had heard of Happy Valley before when visiting the in-laws, but have never seen it! Worth the visit if we’re in PE for Christmas next year!

  8. Ordinarylife

    Wow, we used to go there all the time as kids. I am glad it still looks as magical as it did back then.

  9. Jeanne

    I rember going there every single year as kids, and even as students we used to go every December. My brother and I adored it, and I had kind of assumed that it had fallen into disuse and disrepair – but I’m thrilled to see it hasn’t!

  10. Pamela

    I have not been back in many years, but used to go there quite a bit as a kid. I should maybe make a trip one day.

  11. Hilda

    The name alone made me smile! Love it!

  12. Anonymous

    Happy Valley … it´s been so long … a went there as a kid but I still remmebe it.A lived in Port Elizabeth until 1979 and then came to Portugal and I´ve never returned but Happy Valley is an image and a place that I will never forget.Suzana (companhiadabaia@netvisao.pt)

  13. Max-e

    I have memories of getting very happy at Uncle Jumbo’s one year – many, many years ago.

  14. Eileen

    I was thrilled to see that Happy Valley is still so magical. I used to go there every year as a child, and when married took my own children. So many happy memories. Thank you. From “Old South African – now living in Canada.”

  15. Nick

    First of let me say i love the page. Your photos are amazing, really get a true feel of actually been there and witnessing it up and personal. Happy Valley Oh boy Happy Valley. Brings back such lovely times… Its been close on 10 yrs i have not been able to soak my feet in the sand of Hobie beach. i remember Happy Valley like it was just yesterday, the day i was barefoot running uncontrollably searching for lost treasure or a animal to ride… Thank you for the memory! You have helped me to decide exactly where my next get away is… Keep up the good work.