Beachfront boardwalk

Long before the The Boardwalk complex with the hotel, casino and entertainment center was build there used to be a Boardwalk.  The center where Barneys, Blue Waters Café and what used to be called The Red Windmill (sorry, I have no idea what they are called now) are located is also called the Boardwalk.  The reason?  Its located along Port Elizabeth’s beautiful beachfront walkway. 

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  1. Jo

    As always, PE and surrounds perfectly portrayed on your blog. I love that the walkway is made from recycled plastic. I MUST get hubby to stop off in your beautiful city when we come out on leave in June. Hope you're having a great day. Greetings, Jo

  2. Grant Slater

    I thought it was a trig survey beacon.

  3. Kate

    I enjoyed visiting Port Elizabeth in the '90's; a lovely beach area.

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