Baakens Valley – PE’s green lung

The Baakens Valley truly is Port Elizabeth’s green lung stretching all the way from the west of the city through to the harbour.  The valley really has so much potential to be one of the city’s playgrounds, but the stigma of crime is sticking to it like velcro.  Mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers use parts of the Baakens Valley on a regular basis but the valley has so much more to give.  I am a true believer in the fact that it is up to the general public to take back places like this and by going there in their numbers, the bad element (if there are still any around) will be finally pushed out. This picture of the Baakens Valley with Settlers Park was taken from the Walmer side close close to 2nd Avenue.

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  1. villa

    Bonita fotografía e interesante lugar.Un saludo desde Salamanca.

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