Flowering succulent

By now I’m sure you all know that I do Geocaching.  One of the things I like most about Geocaching is the fact that it takes one to places you may not otherwise have gone to or seen.  Things you may never have discovered.  On this occasion I was searching for a container at the top of Upper Valley Road when I came across this flowering succulent growing up against a stone.  I’m not sure what it was but it was a beautiful plant and as much as I would like to see it grow amongst my succulents at home I will never take it out in the wild.  Keeping my eyes open in the nursery though for one. 

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  1. Roché Petersen

    Good day FireflyWe have a client who runs a nursery, and this what he suggests your plant is:” Your plant is Crassula perfoliata ( Probably Crassula perfoliata var. minor)Not really in cultivationNice Plant Don’t remove and pick seeds nov and sow march on top of soil and water only once and when dry very softly”Hope this helps!

  2. mike


  3. Diana Studer

    but there would be other Crassulas for sale, with their own beauty to offer.

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