Then and Now – Pearson Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory in St George’s Park was completed and opened on 12 September 1882 and named the Pearson Conservatory after the then Mayor of Port Elizabeth, Mr HW Pearson.  The conservatory cost £3,800 to put up and arrived in South Africa as a ‘kit of parts’ and was constructed in the park.  This conservatory was imported from England and was the first of three such buildings in South Africa at the time.  The double volume central atrium is flanked by two wings to the East and the West with perfect symmetry along its two axes. 
Over the years the building had been fixed up several times and in 1972 the city even considered demolishing it.  The building was restored by the municipality and reopened in 2011.  I just think that not enough people make the effort to go and visit it using the excuse of “the park is too dangerous”. Dangerous se g@t.  I went for a walk through the park on my own with my camera last week and didn’t see any unsavory characters.  But if you are worried, use the back entrance next to the cactus garden across from the hospital and you can drive right up to the conservatory, parking right outside.

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  1. Diana Studer

    Lucky PE!The one in the Company Gardens was demolished.

  2. Marisa Vosloo

    Wonderful memories! [But the park unfortunately has become unsafe…:(]

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