Flat Rocks

The area between Pollock Beach and Cape Receive is generally known as Flat Rocks. The name refers to the rocks stretching out to sea at low tide. The rocks are easily accessible and is very popular fishing site. Some of the older Port Elizabeth followers will remember the old Flat Rocks Roadhouse which was situated overlooking the sea across the road from the Humewood Golf Club entrance. The roadhouse of cause is no more. I remember the roadhouse, but I don’t have any real memories of us going there with my folks when we were kids.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Looks like a great place to walk, at low tide.

  2. Zane

    One of the real treasures of Algoa Bay – beautiful beaches, brilliant reef structures, underwater caves, fine fishing and home to many wrecks. I know this area well having spent many hours in the sea or on the beach/rocks over the past 40 years. Strangely enough the owner of the former Palm Beach Roadhouse is a friend of mine and we often discuss the area, the roadhouse and activities of the past in the area.

  3. Anonymous

    That roadhouse was run by Socrates Socratous – naturally known as Socks to his mates. He won many awards for having PE's best hamburger. Prior to that, it was run by his father – I can remember eating my first ever sosatie there, way back in the 1970's – when it first opened and was run by an Afrikaans family. It wasn't known as Flatrocks Roadhouse back then. (Socks now owns the Spar in Swartkops).