Strangers always give one funny looks when you crawl around looking for the best angle or shot for a photograph, but those who know you knows that they just have to deal with it. On a work outing the other day I picked up a guinea fowl feather and as we passed a fountain I dropped it in and started taking photos of it. My colleagues just kept on walking, shaking their heads and mumbling something about me and my camera always taking photos.

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  1. Marcelle

    oh we photography lovers can relate and understand…* giggle *,..keep shooting!

  2. Perry

    It is our curse and one that I am more than willing to live with! Great shot!!

  3. Gaelyn

    Great shot Jonker. Really clear details on the feather. People only look at us crazy photographers because they can't see what we see.

  4. Dot

    Love this one Firefly…don't mind your coworkers…some people just don't get it my friend :o)