Shapes of not all round

Today's "Random ... theme" is Random shapes of not all round. Oranges are round...Rocks lying on the beach isn't quite round... Mussel shells in a shell midden isn't round at all



Strangers always give one funny looks when you crawl around looking for the best angle or shot for a photograph, but those who know you knows that they just have to deal with it. On a work outing the other day I picked up a guinea fowl feather and as we passed a fountain I dropped it in and started taking photos of it. My colleagues just kept on walking, shaking their heads and mumbling something about me and my…


Weather vanes

Today I am combining my Skywatch post with a Random theme... post. The random theme for today is weather vanes. There is a folk song in Afrikaans about the chicken that can't lay an egg and that chicken is the one that stands on top of the church spire. This weather vane I found standing on top of the church in Prince Albert in the Karoo The cock on top of the NG Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) in the Langkloof…


Victorian Post box

There are a couple of old and historic post boxes around the country that is still in use. I found this old post box dating from the Victorian era just outside the Somerset East Museum in the Eastern Cape town with the same name.



I know this isn't the most imaginative photo I've taken, but it has something to it that I like