Face painting

On Saturday we went to the Lake Farm Centre fete and open day. Its such a good cause that one wants to support them as much as possible. Popsi the Clown was there with all her clown friends and amongst others painted the children’s faces. I was so surprised when Chaos Boy asked to be made Batman and not Spider Man as he always does. And what a good job she did.
Lake Farm Centre has been involved in the care and training of the intellectually disabled since 1959. The Centre was started as a “school” for mentally disabled children with boarding facilities. In 1979 Lake Farm Centre Adult Care was founded as a residential facility with protective workshops. Here training in work-skills i.e. Farming, bakery, hydroponics, pottery, spinning and weaving, home industries, gardening and building maintenance are given. The subsidy of Department of Social Development covers about 30% of their monthly income so they are very reliant on sponsors and fund raising event like this one and the Lake Farm Charity run earlier in the year. Even though I have no involvement or connection to the Lake Farm Centre, I would like to truly thank all volunteers and sponsors for their support of this centre throughout the year.

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  1. Anonymous

    A very personal thank you for supporting Lake Farm, Firefly! My cousin is a resident there. Mom and I were able to see him on our quick trip back to PE a few weeks ago–he had a handful of pamphlets to hand out when we picked him up!:)Diane

  2. Anonymous

    What is Lake Farm Centre and what does it support? From the message above, people live there, but is there a target group of residents that they provide for? Just a question from someone who is not lucky enough to live in South Africa…Lunachance

  3. Firefly

    I have added an explaination of what the Lake Farm Centre is to the post. Sorry, should have done it last night when I did the post, but it was getting last (just before midnight) and I never got to it.

  4. DUTA

    Hi Firefly,Thanks for your message left on my blog.I visited Port Elizabeth back in the eighties and was much impressed by the Horse Memorial statue. As I've pointed out in my response to your comment, you have good reason to be proud both of your city and of the monument. Although the photo isn't sharp enough, I enjoy looking at it whenever I have it in my hands.

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