Elephant family

One can never emphasise enough how amazing a park the Addo Elephant National Park is.  I think a lot of people underestimate Addo but the beauty of that is that when they visit their expectations are completely blown away.  I always say, and I do so because I believe its true, that Addo is the best place in the world to view wild African Elephants in their natural environment.  Over the years they have become used to visitors’ vehicles – not tame – which means that its often possible to have them walk closely past a vehicle giving visitors mind blowing sightings.  Very much like this family that walked straight at and past us on a recent visit.

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  1. Zimbabwe

    Lovely photo of one place I have not visited, not sure why not! Have a good weekend Diane

  2. Elephants have to be the most amazing creatures I know. I just love to sit an watch them and can never just ride past one.

  3. Firefly

    Its really a must see attractions if in the area.

  4. Firefly

    I wish I could visit Addo more often

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