Crane your neck

The Campanile was built to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the landing of the 1820 British Settlers.  The 54 meter high building with its 204 steps were constructed on what used to be the landing beach, today standing between the Port Elizabeth harbour and the Settlers Freeway.  Some effort has been made to try and reconnect it with the city after being “cut off” by the freeway for so long and it was decided to make it the start of Route 67 which leads up to the Donkin Reserve.  

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  1. Jo

    OMW What an image! Somehow I can remember something about 20 years ago with the treasure (answer) to the Sunday Times Finders Keepers Millions (am I right?) competition, being in this building. Or was that a red herring. Nevertheless, this is an amazing monument to Route 67. We MUST visit you sometime to take in your beautiful city's sights! Greetings, Jo, Tanzania

  2. Red Nomad OZ

    What a marvellous structure!! And all the better for being RED!

  3. Roché Petersen

    The inside is also a treasure trove – what about a few photos? There are some exhibits such as for the 1820 Settlers, the Bells in the Carillon, and even the crest of the City of Port Elizabeth, a ship of the Ellernam Line. Very interesting!