Anton Momberg sculpture at sunrise

The Donkin Reserve is currently undergoing a major revamping project. Part of the project is a number of art pieces that will be added to the Donkin. The first of these pieces to have gone up was a sculpture by local artist Anton Momberg.
Visit Skywatch for more pictures featuring the sky.

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  1. Caroline

    You really have an amazing eye for a photo. I need to come to PE to see if it is indeed as beautiful as you make it seem. I miss your St Francis link. I “borrowed” one of your photos of chokka fishing boats for my screen saver and it is alwyas a thrill to see it! Thanks for the blogs.

  2. Gunn

    I love this. Beautiful ART in a beautiful PLACE.Nice composition and light too.

  3. Lesley

    I love the shapes and lines in this photo… as well as the sky!

  4. Max-e

    Very nice Jonker.

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