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  1. Marcelle

    How beautiful are those drops, and love the color of that flower…BTW I was thinking of getting everyone address and sending them birthday cards next year, but then wondered if people would trust enough to hand out their street addresses, what u think??

  2. Jo

    Ohhhhh…. It's summer where you are, you lucky thing…!What a beautiful country you live in.

  3. Zane

    Wonderful macro photo – I saw some pictures last night of reflections in water droplets. Must experiment at some point with this form of photography.

  4. Dot

    Mmmmm…beautiful! The colors are so subtle…awesome!

  5. Marka

    Wonderful shades of purple! The droplets are a nice touch.

  6. Steffi

    How beautiful….!Great photo!

  7. leilani

    Fire , The diversity of SA just blows my mind!