Ironman cycle leg

Durban has Comrades Marathon and Cape Town has the Two Oceans Marathon and the Argus Cycle Tour. Port Elizabeth has Ironman South Africa.  Sunday morning at sunrise about 1800 super athletes, over 500 of them internationals, lined up at Hobie Beach for the start of a grueling day of swimming, cycling and running.  The event starts with a 3,8km swim followed by a 180 cycle leg and topped off with a full 42,2km marathon.  Competitors have till 12 midnight, meaning 17 hours, to complete Ironman and the residents of the city comes out in force to support and assist them to try and do so.  This year I decided to avoid the traffic chaos to get to Hobie Beach for the swim and run, but rather parked myself next to Buffelsfontein Road for a couple of hours for the cycle leg.  The 180km consist of three 60km loops which means that I could sit and watch them pass me a couple of times.  Ironman is a huge event for the city and I hope it grows from strength to strength in future. Long live Ironman South Africa. 

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  1. Northender

    After your experience last year, I would boycott this event. I know that it is noteworthy, but this is your blog and you deserve to post only what you feel motivated to.At the end of the day it (ironman)is just another business, generating money for the organisers. Personally I can't get excited by it.