Protea raindrops in Van Stadens

On Sunday we decided to swing by the Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve west of Port Elizabeth. The reserve really is one of my favorite nature reserves around the city, but it's also home to a huge amount of Geocaches, some that was still awaiting me to turn them into smileys on my map. There was a drizzle falling all morning so jumping in and out of the car at every cache meant that I was soaked after a while. It…

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Rain drops hanging around

Like these rain drops I haven't been hanging around much lately.  Not because I've been lazy but because I've been away for about a week and didn't have time to prepost anything.  But I'm back.  Hope you missed me.


Water droplets

Aaaaaaa..... There is no place like home. We got back from two weeks of camping yesterday and although its nice being on holiday, its nicer to get cleaned up properly and to sleep on your own bed and not an inflatable mattress. My back is shot. Now to sort through all the pictures I took to see what can be posted and what can go straight into my stock. Holiday pictures will start tomorrow. In the mean time here are…