Dodds Farm directions

I’ve posted a couple of Dodds Farm photos lately and have a couple more to come, but somebody asked in a comment how to get to Dodds Farm.  So to accompany today’s picture looking down at Dodds Farm from the top of the steps on the Lower Guinea Fowl Trail are the directions to get there.  Its quite straightforward really.  Driving from the beachfront side one has to get to Main Road Walmer via Walmer Boulevard which becomes Heugh Road. Turn right into Sixth Avenue (Walmer) and then left into Main Road.  Travel along Main Road and turn right into 9th Avenue. Follow the road to its end and turn down to the right to get to the parking area.  From here you exit the parking area on the right and follow the path over the weir and to Dodds Farm.  There are several paths around there with picnic spots under the trees.  The Lower Guinea Fowl Trail runs through the area from the 3rd Avenue Dip side towards Settlers Park.

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  1. warge

    Thank you so much for these directions! Is it safe for an oldish couple to walk there alone, do you think? I really love this blog