Climbing some epic dunes

Port Elizabeth has some magnificent sand dune for those wannabe mountain climbers who don’t prefer to do the rocky thing.  To the west the Maitland Beach sand dune is probably the best known one with many locals enjoying it over weekend.  On the eastern side of Port Elizabeth there are some truly epic sand dunes though.  The Alexandria Dune field, the biggest coastal dune field in the Southern Hemisphere, starts at the Sundays River Mouth and stretches eastward over a distance of about 50 kilometres and has dunes over 60 meters high.  On the PE side of the river mouth is the Colchester section of the dune field and this is where the family got to climb a couple of dunes after a cruise on the Sundays River Ferry.

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  1. N Buckles

    I don't think it bothered these children to climb the dunes at all. As matter of fact she says “look at me”

  2. Anonymous

    Love the pic .. tough climb!!! How did your daughter get to that spot without footprints!! Just curious! Was it windy, or did she jump 😉

  3. Stefan Jansson

    I met a world class mountain bike cyclist a year ago, she ran up dunes like this one ten times in no time at all. Well, almost like these dunes.

  4. Gaelyn

    Drama Princes is so tiny and light she walks without leaving prints while Chaos Boy looks like King of the hill. What fun.Is this part of the Addo coast?