Hillbrow Tower

Today I am posting another of the pics I took when I was in Johannesburg recently.
The Hillbrow Tower is the highest structure in Johannesburg, and is probably the city’s most recognisable landmark. The tower was completed in 1971, and is 269m high. It is interesting to note that the height of the Hillbrow Tower is virtually the same as the length of the Titanic.

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  1. Faye Pekas

    So how high is that for those of us who are metric challenged? What is the tower used for?

  2. Marcelle

    I went up there as a kid…brings back so many memories and makes me feel so old now…*giggle*

  3. Firefly

    Faye, its 882.5 feet or 294 yards.

  4. Janet

    Do you know, when we were kids, my Nana used to take us up to the restaurant there? I remember being amazed at how teeny tiny the cars were from up there! I still remember the “funny feeling” in my tummy when the lift shot up all those floors. I think we used to go the 60th floor – not sure now though! One of those wonderful childhood memories!

  5. Faye Pekas

    Yep that IS tall 🙂 Thanks.

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