Bushbound Girl getting some penguin training

Blogger Rachel Lang of Bush-bound Girl‘s first love is nature and conservation and with her bubbly personality and  inquisitiveness she made for a fantastic travelling partner during the #PERocks blogger visit to Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounds.  When there was a need for a volunteer to try something out she was always first to stick her hand up.  This is how all bloggers should be as it gives them the opportunity to really experience things and then be able to describe it in their posts.  Here Libby Sharwood of SAMREC is showing Rachel how they treat new penguins that come into the centre in need of medical assistance.  *Please note, that is not a real penguin*

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  1. Jo

    Oh dang, and here I thought it was the real thing! Great post. I'm sorry we never met up. You will see in my post tomorrow that when we hit PE that day, a storm was brewing and we wanted to dash for our last overnight stop in PA (Port Alfred) before becoming drenched. However, now that we've connected on mail, we will definitely make it a priority to meet up with you next time we're down your way!