Penguins at SANCCOB

The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds or SANCCOB centre at Cape Recife in Port Elizabeth does an amazing job as part of the conservation of the African Penguin, especially here in Algoa Bay. The centre was previously known as SAMREC and doesn't just play a huge role in conservation, but also in educating locals and visitors alike. Because of this the centre has become one of Port Elizabeth's main tourist attractions. The activities SANCCOB do include…

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Baby penguins in ICU

While scouting spots as stops for Miggie's Amazing Race for this past Saturday I popped into SAMREC.  I haven't been for a while and had a quick walk around the centre with Keith, one of the guides.  He told me they had a lot of babies in at the moment and I got to peek into the hospital section.  They were lying around and for a moment I thought they were really sick until Keith told me they just ate…

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Sun worshippers

The residents of the penguin pool at SAMREC having their morning sun worship.  Notice how it's not just penguins residing in the penguin pool. There's also a gannet on the right and a cormorant in the back. 

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Why were African Penguins previously called Jackass Penguins?

[youtube=]The African Penguin used to be called the Jackass Penguin.  A strange name for a penguin.  But how did it get that name? It is because the African Penguin's call sounds like a braying donkey.  Right, so now we have established that they sound like a donkey, but why were they called Jackass?  Donkey's are also called Asses (the scientific name is Equus africanus Asinus) while a male donkey is called a Jack.  Hence Jackass.  Check out this video by…

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SAMREC’s Must Touch Room

One of the attractions for visitors at SAMREC is the "Must Touch Room".  It allows interaction of the visitors, especially the kids, with different aspects of the marine environment.  There are just too many things to mention here, but visitors can touch shark teeth, a dolphin skull, stuffed marine birds and mammals, play games and learn lots of interesting facts while doing this.  Other than seeing the penguins, this must be the small visitors' favorite part of their visit to SAMREC.

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Shark watching

I just can't help but laugh every time I watch the penguins at SAMREC and one of them wants to jump off the diving board.  They literally look like they are scanning the water for sharks before they dive in.

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SAMREC tour photobomb

I have posted so many times about SAMREC and what an awesome job they do on the conservation side as well as educating people young and old about the plight of the African Penguin and other marine animals.  When I took this picture I wanted to tell you about the tour you can do at SAMREC where they tell visitors more about penguins, visit the "must touch" room, the penguin hospital and finally the pool, but then I realised that the picture…


Morning penguin feed at SAMREC

Early morning and late afternoon visitors to SAMREC in Cape Recife will be lucky enough to see how the penguins are fed as part of their tour.  The guide explained the whole feeding process to us.  As it turns out its not just a case of stuffing a couple of fish down their throats.  Every fish that is given to a penguin is recorded and placed on their personal files.  Some of the little guys have to still get medication as…

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50 Shades of Little Grey

Before a penguin gets all decked out in his black and white tuxedo he wears a greyish onesie.  At SAMREC they currently have a number of little greys they are caring for.  A week or so ago I was at SAMREC early one morning and they were busy feeding the penguins before they were taken to the pool outside.  This little guy was the last in line and had to get some medication so he became the focus of the…

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Visitors to SAMREC in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve  get taken on a tour of the facility which includes the penguin hospital, the admission room and finally the penguin pool.  Here you get to see the penguins that are busy recuperating before they get released back into Algoa Bay again. 

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