#ECMeetUp food

I attended the third Eastern Cape blogger meetup event at The Plantation this morning and there was food.  I mean it was great networking, meeting fellow bloggers, awesome talks and... food. Ok, so I'm not going to post about the event and all the great bloggers who attended, but I am going to show you the food The Plantation dished up for us.  The first thing you saw when you arrived was the pancake table.  Pancakes coming straight off the…

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Things to do in Port Elizabeth #Blogathon

Nine bloggers (seven of those based in PE) were asked to create posts about things to do in Port Elizabeth as part of the Cheap Flights Port Elizabeth #Blogathon 2016 in collaboration with Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and Travel Concept Solution.  All nine posts have been published in the last two days and covered a range of things to do for both big and small.  Rather than a photo I decided to post the nine links for you to enjoy…

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An Incidental Tourist at Shark Rock Pier

Last week two fellow travel bloggers, Dawn Jorgensen (The Incidental Tourist) and Di Brown (The Roaming Giraffe) came on a four night Sho't Left trip to the Eastern Cape which I was very privileged to play some part in.  Unfortunately I was busy over the weekend otherwise I would have joined them on the trip.  I did get to meet the two of them and show them around a little bot of Port Elizabeth though.  Here Dawn is getting a…

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Bushbound Girl getting some penguin training

Blogger Rachel Lang of Bush-bound Girl's first love is nature and conservation and with her bubbly personality and  inquisitiveness she made for a fantastic travelling partner during the #PERocks blogger visit to Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounds.  When there was a need for a volunteer to try something out she was always first to stick her hand up.  This is how all bloggers should be as it gives them the opportunity to really experience things and then be able to describe it…

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Penguin photography, blogger style

One of the things I loved the most about the #PERocks bloggers visit to Port Elizabeth was the fact that the bloggers always had their cameras close by and took photo of everything and from every angle.  Like here at the South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre (SAMREC) in Cape Recife. Penguin photography at its best.

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Woolie fun

Three of the #PERocks bloggers, Heather Mason of 2Summers, Meruschka Govender of Mzansi Girl and Rachel Lang of Bushbound Girl, having that sinking feeling in the sheep wool on the Hinterveld Mohair Mill Tour.  Not something one can do just anywhere.

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Route 67 mosaic blogger selfie

In November I hosted the #PERocks blogger visit to Port Elizabeth when I was still with Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and I had the most amazing time with bloggers Rachel Lang (Bushbound Girl), Heather Mason (2Summers), Dianne Tipping-Woods (SA Tourism blog and more), Theresa Lozier (Fine Places) and Meruschka Govender (Mzansi Girl).  I just couldn't get enough how how they did things differently from regular media.  A lot more informal, a lot more fun and a lot more insightful.  Here Heather…