Sundays River Sunset

Sunset over the Sundays River
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  1. Marcelle

    so romantic….where do I find a romantic man who will sit on a boat with me??? *giggle*

  2. Gaelyn

    Once again that beautiful golden glow looks very inviting.

  3. Janet

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! Co. have banned blogs, so I can SOMETIMES read, but not comment. My laptop is giving problems. Going in for repair. Have to borrow Stacey's – she's gone out on an “end of exam” jol tonight so I'm lucky!!

  4. Steffi

    Very beautiful photo.I love it because the colours looks so warm and the river so silent.Very good to relax!

  5. Marka

    Yes, I do know about the World Cup competition going on in SA. I haven't had much of an opportunity to keep up with all the scheduling of games though. How hectic is SA due to the World Cup?

  6. Tabib

    Beautiful and romantic colour!

  7. Regina

    Such beautiful golden glow.Happy SWF and enjoy your weekend.

  8. Arija

    They sure 'has gone fishin' , and what a place to be.

  9. Gaelyn

    Oh yea. First walking into the sunset and now boating. Such a tease with these beautiful captures Jonker.

  10. Max-e

    I like it. Almost looks like an explosion.