AutoPavilion Geocache

One of my favorite geocaches done lately was one located inside the VW AutoPavilion in Uitenhage.  The coordinates take you to the museum itself from where you have to follow the instructions in the cache description.  These tell you to look for the blue racing car and to get in to find the cache.  I’m giving this one away a bit, but the container is muggle proof so doing so isn’t the end of the world.  The cache container turned out to be a ammo can in the shape of a first aid kit located somewhere in the car.  Its secured to the car so no muggle can move it and its locked with a combination lock to secure the content.  It had some very nice VW and car related swag inside and once I signed the logbook I spent some time enjoying the simulator in the car.  A very cool cache by Navimate and well worth doing if you are a Geocacher.

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