Schreiner House – “A Story of an African Farm” be here

Cradock is a town filled with history. Frontier Wars, the Groot Trek, Anglo Boer War and more. It's also a town that was called home by a number of historic figures. One of those being Olive Schreiner and there is a museum in the town where you can go and learn more about her. Olive Schreiner House at 9 Cross Street in Cradock is one of the houses in which Olive Schreiner (1855-1920), the political activist, feminist and author of the world-renowned novel, The Story of an African…

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The Mount Ingwe Anglo Boer War Museum outside Port Elizabeth

This past weekend we joined the Eastern Cape Branch of the South African Military History Society on their quarterly outing. The destination. Lukas van der Merwe's Anglo Boer War Museum at Mount Ingwe in the Elandsrivier Valley between Port Elizabeth and Patensie. It's one of those attractions that I have heard of but didn't know much about and not having a bakkie or SUV I've never really considered heading out to it. The 50km dirt road from Rocklands near Uitenhage…

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Exploring the fascinating Somerset East Museum

Nestled against the foot of the Boschberg above Somerset East stands a building just about as old as the town. The land was originally given to Wesleyan missionaries for a chapel and graveyard with the chapel getting consecrated in 1828. A mere four years later in 1832, the property was transferred to the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk of Somerset and in 1975 the Somerset East Old Parsonage Museum was inaugurated during the celebration of Somerset East’s 150th anniversary. In 1834 Ds.…

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Somerset East Old Parsonage Museum ghost stories

The museum ghosts of Somerset East

You know that feeling when you walk around a very old place, often on your own? Yes, that feeling when you think to yourself that you really don't want to be alone there after dark. That feeling that you are sure something goes bump in the night there. Yes, thaaaaaatttt feeling. The one when the hair on the back of your neck rises and something crawls slowly down your spine. Somerset East has two excellent museums with a lot of…

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Nr 7 Castle Hill historical museum

One of Port Elizabeth's favorite museums is No 7 Castle Hill.  The history of the building goes right back to the early days of Port Elizabeth with Rev. Francis McCleland building it as his parsonage and family home in 1825.  The house is one of the oldest remaining dwelling houses in Port Elizabeth and is furnished as a mid-Victorian period family home. A lot of the furniture and items in the house comes from the 1840–1870 era to show visitors…

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PE’s Airforce Museum deserves to be discovered

I am often amazed at how many people didn't know that Port Elizabeth has a South African Airforce Museum.  Located behind the airport in a restored World War II hanger, the museum has a great collection of planes, choppers, equipment, uniforms, models and other paraphernalia.  It's easy to get to, just follow  Forrest Hill Drive through Forrest Hill and around to the back of the airport.  The museum will interest both young and old and is absolutely free with a…

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Jewish Museum on Raleigh Street

I quick drive around Richmond Hill the other day had me stop in front of the Jewish Pioneer Memorial Museum in Richmond Hill.  Standing there I realised that I have actually never been inside the museum so I can't really tell you what is inside from a first hand perspective.  I can tell you this though. The museum is housed in the original synagogue which was used by the Jewish community between 1912 and 1954.  The museum features a collection…

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Fun with science

When it comes to fun science, everybody becomes a child.  It's no difference at the NMB Science and Technology Centre in Uitenhage.  There are so many fun and fascinating things to try.  Things like lying down on a bed of nails to just name one.  Another one that always fascinates me is the floating ball.  How do they do it?   

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NMB Science Centre

Looking for something to do with the kids this holiday?  Why not head out to Uitenhage?  The town has a few worth while spots to visit to keep the kids busy at.  Start at the Cuyler Manor Museum, visit the world class VW Auto Pavilion and round the day off at the Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre.  Although the centre really has the potential to be so much more than what it currently is, it's sure to keep…

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Prince Alfred Guard Drill Hall and Museum

One of the lesser known museums in Port Elizabeth is the Prince Alfred Guard Drill Hall in Central.  The museum was established as a fusion between the old military museum that was housed at the Donkin Reserve and the old Prince Alfred Guard regimental museum.  The Prince Alfred Guard was founded in 1856 as a City Regiment but had their name changed when they provided a Royal Guard for Prince Alfred, the second son of Queen Victoria, on his visit to Port Elizabeth in…