Uitenhage Boer War concentration camp site

 Last week I did a post about the Uitenhage Concentration Camp Memorial and this week I just want to share another of the pictures I took.  This one just a bit closer.  The back wall is divided up into nine sections, each representing one of the 9 people who died in the concentration camp.


Zola Nqini Statue in Uitenhage

A few weeks ago we took part in the NG Kerk Uitenhage Oos' Amazing Race around Uitenhage.  One of the clues sent us to a picture of a statue which I didn't recognise.  After asking a few people we ended up at the Market Square in front of the Uitenhage Townhall at the statue which turned out to be that of anti-apartheid activist Zola Nqini.Nqini was the former supreme commander of Umkhonto weSizwe (MK), the then armed wing of the ANC.…

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Uitenhage Concentration Camp site

A few weeks ago we took part in an Amazing Race in and around Uitenhage, organised by one of the local churches as a fundraiser.  The race started at the old festival grounds on the outskirts of town.  While waiting for everybody to arrive I took a walk over to the Concentration Camp Memorial with my camera.Not a lot of people know that Uitenhage had a concentration camp right on their doorstep during the Anglo-Boer War between 1899 and 1902.…


The Volkswagen plant in Uitenhage

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCW9f4nXcCg&w=500&h=400]Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the Volsawagen plant in Uitenhage but have never had a chance to go and do the factory tour?  Let me show you through this video I discovered on the Rivista Automobilismo channel on YouTube this morning.

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Cricket at Handhaaf

This afternoon Drama Princess played cricket at Handhaaf Primary School in Uitenhage.  The view from up at the clubhouse is actually quite nice with the mountains in the distance.  Much better than the view from most other schools.

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Fun with science

When it comes to fun science, everybody becomes a child.  It's no difference at the NMB Science and Technology Centre in Uitenhage.  There are so many fun and fascinating things to try.  Things like lying down on a bed of nails to just name one.  Another one that always fascinates me is the floating ball.  How do they do it?   

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NMB Science Centre

Looking for something to do with the kids this holiday?  Why not head out to Uitenhage?  The town has a few worth while spots to visit to keep the kids busy at.  Start at the Cuyler Manor Museum, visit the world class VW Auto Pavilion and round the day off at the Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre.  Although the centre really has the potential to be so much more than what it currently is, it's sure to keep…

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Moth Memorial – walled off

In January I did a post about the Grave of Joseph Crowe at the Moth Memorial Hall in Uitenhage.  Last week I was in town for a meeting at the NMB Science Centre nearby and drove past the Moth Memorial Hall just to find a vebracrete wall has been erected behind the little boundary wall that looks like sand bags.  How thoroughly disappointing that the public can't see this anymore.


Uitenhage’s Willow Dam

Uitenhage's Willow Dam and its surrounding park has always been a very popular recreational spot in the Garden Town.  For a while it seemed to have gone downhill a bit and people stayed away because of a bad reputation that was developing, but that is changing again.  People are returning to Willow Park to picnic and play, there's a weekly market and the park is once again nicely maintained.

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Last Beetle off the Uitenhage line

The last South African-made Volkswagen Beetle came off the production line on 18 January 1979 and went straight into the Volkswagen museum which later became the VW AutoPavilion.  The metallic bronze Beetle was the last of 288 353 built at Uitenhage plant 1951.  The car only had 200km on the clock when a vehicle carrier overturned on the way back from a show in Cape Town in 2006, destroying nine of the AutoPavilion's most important historic cars, including this one.  It was decided though to…