A Necessary accessory to the lamp post

Another in our ongoing series on lamp posts around town…. this one at Pollock Beach is not the most attractive, but it is certainly functional. It has strong halogen spotlights to shed light onto the beach and rocks , in front of the Something Good Roadhouse, so that even at night, this attractive scene is visible, and you can safely walk around down there.

At the same time, CCTV cameras keep an eye out for muggers and other undesirables who like to hang around places like this!

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  1. Tanya

    That second photo is beautiful! Love the colors together!

  2. Kate

    You’re right; the lamp post is unusual. The area in the second photo looks mighty attractive!

  3. Craig Wilson

    That looks like one serious lamppost! The second is a beautiful image, love the colours.

  4. babooshka

    The second is such an awesome image, stunning colours.The fisrt i agree a necessary evil these days. Fortunatley living on an island, we don’t have as much crime.

  5. Firefly

    Wow. The photo of the rockpool is fantastic

  6. Hyde DP

    They’ll be keeping an eye on you too wondering why you are photographing the cameras

  7. The bottom photo is marvelous. Oh those colors! Impressive shot. Everything works here, colors, light, reflections.