A Necessary accessory to the lamp post

Another in our ongoing series on lamp posts around town.... this one at Pollock Beach is not the most attractive, but it is certainly functional. It has strong halogen spotlights to shed light onto the beach and rocks , in front of the Something Good Roadhouse, so that even at night, this attractive scene is visible, and you can safely walk around down there.At the same time, CCTV cameras keep an eye out for muggers and other undesirables who like…


lamp posts and music!

Here is another in our series of different lamp posts around town. These are relatively modern, found at the Boardwalk Casino complex at the beachfront. They can be found right around the centre lake, and are adorned with hanging baskets of climbing geraniums, which flower for most of the year. In the background is the studio of our regional radio station, Algoa FM. I doubt that there can be many radio stations with their studios in such picturesque settings!