Mission Bell

I received a couple of comments by beedeeboy on the Van Der Kemps Kloof and Van Der Kemps Memorial Church posts I have done before. He asked if I had a picture of the old Mission Bell. Well, I went looking and I have one, but I will have to get more next time I’m down that way.
The Market Square with the Mission Bell was erected in 1815 in front of the Van Der Kemps Memorial Church which was first built in 1803.

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  1. Gauteng

    FF, can you please get us photos of the new BRT buses in PE?

  2. Firefly

    Pule, they are still very much busy with the BRT lanes and I don't think there are busses yet. Not that I know of.

  3. Nicki

    Hi, FireflyJust wanted to drop you a line and say “well done” on the awesome pics you (and SAM before you) post. I checked out some of the other South African daily photo blogs and none of them compare!!! You make me even more proudly Port Elizabethan!Nicki