A face only a mother can love

Its amazing how you get to interact with the animals at game reserves not just from on top of a 4×4 but somethings also face to face.  At a recent visit to Pumba Game Reserve I was walking along the walkway to the rooms at Pumba Water Lodge when I passed this warthog grazing about 2 meters away.  He looked up at me, snorted (as if to let me know I’m in his space and not vice versa) and watched me carefully shuffle past and speed up just in case he decided to come after me.  I didn’t want to turn and throw him an ugly insult at the time, but that’s really a face only a mother can love.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Dang, that's close. People say the same about our Condors.

  2. Nat

    Wow! A close encounter of the warthog kind 🙂 Nice shot!