Beware the Warthog

 Being from the Eastern Cape we all know that there are areas where you have to be very careful driving at night.  Unlike our friends in the Big Smoke it's not robbers and highjackers we have to be careful of, but rather Kudus.  These big antelope jump fences up to 2 meters tall and come and browse on the side of the road after dark, often jumping into the road and colliding with cars when they get startled by the…

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A face only a mother can love

Its amazing how you get to interact with the animals at game reserves not just from on top of a 4x4 but somethings also face to face.  At a recent visit to Pumba Game Reserve I was walking along the walkway to the rooms at Pumba Water Lodge when I passed this warthog grazing about 2 meters away.  He looked up at me, snorted (as if to let me know I'm in his space and not vice versa) and watched…



This is the last of my short series of pics of Kragga Kamma Game Park and some of its animals. I love seeing warthog (love eating them as well, but that's for another post), specially when they stick their tails in the air and run off. The other thing that fascinates me is how they stand on their front knees when eating. Does it mean they are religious animals?