White Lions at Pumba

There are about 500 white lions left in the world, most of them in captivity.  Pumba Game Reserve is one of only a few game reserves in South Africa that has free range white lions on its property.  Pumba’s white lions is right at the top of what visitors to the reserve wants to see and it was no different when I got to visit for a night.  On the evening game drive we spotted a female with two cubs in the distance, but struck it lucky on the morning game drive with the other female and her juvenile cub.  

Mommy surveying the area from a little hillock

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  1. I have never been to Pumba G R but I have seen the while lions at Pretoria. I did not know there were as many as 500, I thought there was less! Diane

  2. Janet

    They are magnificent animals aren't they? We've seen the ones at the Rhino and Lion park and the little cubs are precious! They seem to be successful at the breeding programme and that's a blessing. Wish something would be done about the Rhino poaching – it breaks my heart 🙁

  3. Gaelyn

    OK, I'm definitely putting the Pumba Game Reserve on my list. Is that near you?