When a game ranger goes above and beyond

A lot of people have the policy that if you want something done you have to do it yourself, especially if you don’t really have anybody to delegate to.  But even then you need somebody to push a rock out of the way for you every now and then.  I had a funny “push a rock out the way” moment on a game drive at Mount Camdeboo Game Reserve outside Graaff-Reinet the other day.  We weer driving up the mountain when we found this boulder lying in the road.  The ranger immediately hopped out to roll it out the way and clearly underestimated its weight… or his own strength, because it just did not budge.  Perhaps it was the rocky equivalent of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, and nobody can move it no matter how hard you try.  Oh well, if you can’t get it out the way then you just drive around it like we did.