Watching elephants

This past week, ending today, has been South African National Parks week.  The whole idea behind the week is to encourage South Africans to support and visit our National Parks more.  During the week entrance to the parks are free to South African citizens.  I got to go to Addo twice this week, first with a group of hotel frontline staff and again yesterday with a group of old folk from the Malabar Home of the Aged.  Addo was buzzing with both locals and international visitors on both days I was there.  It was great to notice busses with school kids, elderly people and even a bus full of South African soldiers.  Going from what I saw there the two days I think SAN Parks week at Addo was a huge success.  Now I just need to make a plan to visit Addo more often again. 

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  1. Gaelyn

    It's wonderful that SANParks offers a week free for residents. And Addo is such a marvelous park. I'm a bit jealous mind you.

  2. Firefly

    A very good concept indeed. The park was bussing all week.