Aloe trident

Aloes are amongst my favorite flowers, specially because they bloom in winter, so I’m always a bit sad at this time of the year when the flowers start to wilt and disappear. 

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  1. Nat

    Stunning!On the plus side, summer is on its way for you lucky southerners, while in the northern hemisphere gloomy days lie ahead 🙂

  2. Gaelyn

    Gorgeous! I'm sorry to miss these winter bloomers but do look forward to a summer in SA.

  3. Janet

    I honestly can't say that these are in amongst my favourites, however, you have captured their “special” beauty so well! Such bright, beautiful colour – almost like a sunset!

  4. They do add so much colour to the otherwise dreary landscape. I saw species of aloe on my trip there which I have never seen before and was pleased to be able to add them to my identification website. Not only the aloes but a host of other winter flowering species as well. It was a great trip. Have to get back there for the summer to get more as well as the goggas. 🙂