Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve

The Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve is situated about 40 kilometers west of Port Elizabeth.  The reserve is 450 hectares in size and includes both pristine fynbos along the plateau and coastal forest in the gorge.  There are several hiking trails through the reserve and one of them will take you to the spot from where the Van Stadens Bridge is visible.  One of the magnificent flowers that grow in the reserve is the King Protea, South Africa’s national flower.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Great capture Jonker! Clear from fore to back ground. The Protea is gorgeous and I know I saw it some where. Maybe the coast area around Durbin?

  2. Caroline

    Wow – a wonderful King Protea – the lion of flowers! I didnt realize that the nature reserve was so close to the main road. Last time I enquired it was closed to the public becuase of some devastating fires.

  3. Oh my!! That has to be the prettiest pink protea I have ever seen Jonker. What a lovely place this rexerve must be to go to summer and winter.