Tippers Creek

I haven’t really posted a lot of photos from the Bluewater Bay area and the reason is simply that I live on the other side of town and don’t get to Bluewater Bay that often.  I took the week off to spend some time with the KidZ during the school holiday and decided to head out there for some Geocaching.  Tippers Creek Road links Bluewater Bay at the top with Amsterdamhoek next to the Swartkops River.  There’s also a set of steps, just over 100 steps to be exact *huff* *puff*, linking the two areas.  Looking down from the top you can see Tippers Creek Road and the Swartkops Estuary stretching out in the background.
I’ve looked around a little bit but unfortunately haven’t been able to find any information on Tippers Creek and where it got its name

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  1. Ellen

    Hi Firefly! Love seeing your daily photos. I have a ? for you today, though. I've been having difficulty with posting on my blog this week. Do you know of any technical problems that blogspot is having at the moment?