The real Falcon Rock

We stopped by Falcon Rock Country Restaurant for the first time on Saturday and discovered a really nice and affordable spot. Just after we got there I headed off along the trails to go and find a Geocacher and along the way discovered the actual Falcon Rock.  If it wasn’t for all the gum trees growing around it the rock would have been quite a prominent feature.  Afterwards I went to have a look at the establishment’s website and found a bit of history linked to it.  Falcon Rock is located on the old wagon route west of Port Elizabeth and used as an overnight and watering stop for travelers. The distinctive Lady’ Slipper rock formation against the mountain side acted as a beacon for these travelers. This rock was called Falcon Rock because of its perchy lookout spot.

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  1. Shefetswe

    A great spot. I hope one day all the alien trees will be removed and replaced with indigenous bush and trees. The place deserves it!

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