Lady’s Slipper view

Yesterday late afternoon we took a drive out to Blue Horizon Bay to do a little Geocaching and this is the view of Lady's Slipper mountain from the road once you are off the N2 and heading up the hill.

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A hike up Lady’s Slipper outside Port Elizabeth

In a way, walking up Lady's Slipper has become for Port Elizabeth what walking up Lion's Head is for Cape Town. At one stage only a few people did it, but lately it has become a very popular outing. Not very far distance-wise, but a tough cookie as far as terrain. It has been on my "To Do" list for so long and the other day I decided to tackle it with the family in tow. As the trail and…

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The Lady’s Slipper

For years I would drive along the N2 past Lady's Slipper mountain looking at it and wondering where the actual slipper was. At one stage I thought it may be the peak standing out over the mountain, but I just could not see it. That was until I heard that the slipper isn't visible from the N2 at 90 degrees side on, but rather that you have to be on the old road between the Falcon Rock turnoff and the…

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The view from Lady Slipper

We all know Lady Slipper.  When you head west out of Port Elizabeth (or vice versa) on the N2 you drive right past it.  But have you ever been on top of the mountain.  The easiest way up is by following the road up to the towers from the back of the mountain and this is the view awaiting you from just below the Telkom tower at the top.

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Geocaching at Falcon Rock

On Thursday I posted a picture of Falcon Rock where I mentioned that while there I went to look for the Geocache hidden at the rock.  As we were climbing up to the top I gave my camera to Drama Princess to hold and afterwards noticed that she took this picture as I was climbing up.  I know the picture doesn't show much of the area, but it shows how much fin can be had when out Geocaching and discovering Port…

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The real Falcon Rock

We stopped by Falcon Rock Country Restaurant for the first time on Saturday and discovered a really nice and affordable spot. Just after we got there I headed off along the trails to go and find a Geocacher and along the way discovered the actual Falcon Rock.  If it wasn't for all the gum trees growing around it the rock would have been quite a prominent feature.  Afterwards I went to have a look at the establishment's website and found…

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Lady Slipper

Ever wondered what it looks like from the top of Lady?  This is the view from just below the big Telkom tower looking west.  It was slightly cloudy and very windy when I was up there but on a clear day you would be able to see Jeffreys Bay in the distance. 

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Lady Slipper protea

Lady Slipper is covered in fynbos and its always great to see flowering proteas in the wild, so I couldn't help but to take a picture of one with the Telkom tower on top of the mountain in the background. 

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Telkom tower on Lady Slipper

I've seen the Telkom tower on top of Lady Slipper from the N2 and always wondered how to get there.  The other day I got to go up the access road at the back of Lady Slipper on a Geocaching expedition and saw the tower up close for the first time.  Much more impressive than the tower is the view all around.  Will post a picture of the view in the next day or so.

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Lady Slipper hut

Sometimes you discover things at places that make you wonder why its there.  I had one of those moments on top of Lady Slipper recently.  Close to the Telkom tower, standing all on its own, is this little hut.  Just one square room with windows on all sides.  It has stunning views all around but its anything but a holiday home.  Wonder what it was build for? Or who?