You are currently viewing The Bloukrans Bridge on the border of the Eastern and Western Cape

The Bloukrans Bridge on the border of the Eastern and Western Cape

The Bloukrans Bridge in the Tsitsikamma is famous for being the site of the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee jump, operated by Bloukrans Bungy (previously known as Face Adrenalin) since 1997. The N2 national road along the Garden Route between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town crosses over the bridge and I’m sure somebody who has never pulled over to the view site probably doesn’t know what’s happening below them.

Construction on the Bloukrans Bridge started in February 1980, running through to its completion in June 1983. This bridge, along with its smaller siblings, the Groot and Bobbejaans River Bridges, as well as the Storms River and Van Stadens River Bridges, cut considerable time off the journey between Plettenberg Bay and Port Elizabeth by eliminating the need to travel down the winding pass roads through these gorges.

Constructed by Murray and Roberts and Concor, the bridge stands at a height of 216m above the Bloukrans River, making it the highest bridge in Africa. Its central span is 272m and the bridge is 451m in length in total. .

The gorge itself forms the border between the Western and Eastern Cape.

There is no way that I will ever bungy. Zipline, yes. Bungy, no. In fact, I think I’d rather skydive than bungy. Bloukrans Bungy has a brand new activity for those who would like to experience the Bloukrans Bridge and jump site without actually leaping off called the Skywalk. A couple of weeks ago after a Tsitsikamma Tourism meeting, I joined a couple of fellow tourism people for a first-hand experience of the bridge.

You get harnessed just like the jumpers before heading out to the middle of the bridge, walking along the suspended walkway on the side of the bridge. Once in the middle, it’s surprising how big the space actually is. While the jumpers get ready to jump, the skywalkers are tethered to the edge of the bridge. The safety line and harness allow you to actually lean over the side and hang from the safety line.

Or like me, plant your feet safely and just peek over the side. The experience allows you to see the jumpers up close and also to look down on the retrieval process below. If you’re not likely to ever jump, like me, then this is definitely the experience for you.