The Algoa Bay Yacht Club after dark

Last week while attending the launch of Algoa Bay as the Bottlenose Dolphin Capital of the World I sneaked outside for a quick photo of the Yacht basin and the harbour lights. Wish one could get onto more areas in the harbour to take photos.

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Yacht Club yachts

I don't get to go to the harbor that often.  It doesn't help that security is tight to get it so when I do its because of something that is on at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club.  This was the case a week or so ago when I was invited to a function at the Yacht Club by Raggy Charters.  I would still love to go out with them one day, but this was a more special occasion to celebrate…

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Ore ship

An ore ship loading manganese ore at the Port Elizabeth harbour.  In the foreground is a couple of yachts at anchor next to the Algoa Bay Yacht Club.


Yachts and fishing boats

The other day I had to go and meet somebody at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club which gave me an excuse to take a walk down the walkway between the moorings. This gave me the opportunity to get a couple of pics around the area which I will post from time to time. This is a view between the yachts towards some of the fishing boats that use the Port Elizabeth harbour.


one day i’ll grow up….

This tiny yacht is called an Optimist, which is pretty appropriate really. Maybe he is optimistic that one day he will grow up into a big boy's toy like the one behind him, which in turn looks pretty skimpy in contrast to the bulk ore carrier being loaded behind it.

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On the dry dock… happy birthday Madiba

An outing of a group of artists to the Algoa Bay Yacht Club yesterday yielded all sorts of interesting subjects (for painting and photography!) Duncan Stewart was drawn (hehe) to the view of Free Spirit getting some t.l.c. on the dry dock.And dry dock is perhaps a fitting way to lead into the significance of this day.... because our loved and highly respected past President, Nelson Mandela, turns 90 today. He may be in dry dock now, retired and needing…


Shark rock Pier #4, an unusual view

Here's a view of the Pier you won't see every day.... taken from a yacht when we were lucky enough to go sailing a couple of weeks ago. If you live in the area, and think this looks cool, do yourself a favour and check this out... on 23rd and 24th of February, the Algoa Bay Yacht Club is having an open weekend to introduce the public to the joys of sailing.And here's a bonus shot, with another of the…


Yacht Club series # 4

From the sublime to the ridiculous! We were on a 34 foot yacht, which is big enough to travel round the world in (admittedly you would need to have a screw loose in the brain to do it, but still!!) Two kids were having a ball scooting around in TINY little boats which were dwarfed by the big boys toys. That is until we all sailed past the container ship, and things were suddenly brought into perspective. The harbour here…

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