On the dry dock… happy birthday Madiba

An outing of a group of artists to the Algoa Bay Yacht Club yesterday yielded all sorts of interesting subjects (for painting and photography!) Duncan Stewart was drawn (hehe) to the view of Free Spirit getting some t.l.c. on the dry dock.

And dry dock is perhaps a fitting way to lead into the significance of this day…. because our loved and highly respected past President, Nelson Mandela, turns 90 today. He may be in dry dock now, retired and needing a bit more t.l.c. than he is used to, but he has done so much in his 90 years to improve the lives of others that a bit of time to enjoy his family is well deserved.

From Nelson Mandela Bay, which proudly bears the name of such a worthy and iconic human being, we wish you all the best ….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA!

So many words of wisdom have come from Madiba over the years, but my favourite quotation, and one which is as apt today as it was when he uttered it is :
“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

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  1. Chuck Pefley

    The Mandela quote is so very true. May we all live by that credo.

  2. Kate

    Mandela is my hero! Visited Robben Island in the past and saw his old cell; boggles the mind how the man survived. I wish that we had the same kind of leadership world-wide these days.

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