Parliament Street afterparty

This isn't the greatest photo, again the light was green in our favour and there was no time to compose or zoom. It was taken recently from the intersection of Russell Road and Rink Street just before 5am on a Saturday.The Parliament Street all night party begins to ease up, and the last revellers converge on the apron of the Service Station across the road, dancing to music that blares from various cars. All this would be quite festive if…

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After the Party

Our shift of Neighbourhood Watch patrol was from 2-5am this morning, so we got to see the end of the New Year's Party in Parliament Street. This was taken at 4.48am, when the party had just ended, and the street took on a warm glow from the lights reflecting on the wet streets. By the way, judging by all those pavement decorations, are we to assume the architects of this new look had a lot of balls? hehe.


Parliament Street Upgrade

I strolled down to the bank in Rink Street this morning and took the opportunity to check out the upgrade of Parliament Street, which seems to be coming on quite nicely, with staff putting in extra time to get the job done. The street should be quite picturesque when complete, with the curved lamp poles and decorative balls along the pavement, though I suspect some unwary pedestrians may end up having bruised shins. Collin I hope you like what you…


Holy Rosary Convent

Holy Rosary Convent in Bird Street is another historical building that has been trashed. With the initiatives of the Mandela Bay Development Agency and the Heritage Trust it is hoped that steps can be taken to reverse this tide and restore these buldings to their former glory.