Parliament Street Upgrade

I strolled down to the bank in Rink Street this morning and took the opportunity to check out the upgrade of Parliament Street, which seems to be coming on quite nicely, with staff putting in extra time to get the job done.

The street should be quite picturesque when complete, with the curved lamp poles and decorative balls along the pavement, though I suspect some unwary pedestrians may end up having bruised shins. Collin I hope you like what you see – it should soon be over.

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  1. magiceye

    as long as the beefed up security is not ‘in your face’ it should be good!

  2. colin

    The Building on the left behind the barricades is mine.We have a nightclub restaurant and conference facility as you can imagine business is a nightmare at the moment we have closed the restaurant during the day.Fortunately I have found a short term job in Shanghai which is paying the bills.The security is already in place and working well, we have a police reservist patrolling the street during the day and a full team Friday and Saturday nights they are not intrusive and have got rid of 99% of the problems.Despite the short term problem the long term benefit should be great, previously it has been impossible to attract business people, I advertise without mentioning the location and as soon as I give the address the phone goes dead.When it is finished we will have a 6 meter pavement on which we can have table and chairs, we will make our section like a Paris café.In my absence I am looking for a manager for the café restaurant who shares my vision the person needs to have run a restaurant and be enthusiasticI can be contacted at

  3. sam

    hi Colin, great to hear from you! Thanks for the interesting input. I do hope all goes well and you find just the right person to inject life and enthusiasm into this undertaking…. we can’t wait for it to get on stream so we can start visiting the various restaurants, sidewalk cafes etc without the need for pepper spray! Please keep in touch if there are any interesting and positive developments, and we will gladly photograph them and feature them as they come on track!

  4. colin

    It is great to see the photo I have been away for 6 weeks and the chaos was only just starting.I have been told many times I was mad to invest in Parliament St as it was a no go zone and now it actually is.Hopefully fingers crossed you should lots of people there this afternoon when Bay United win as we are holding the after party. Please keep the photos coming

  5. Firefly

    I can’t wait to see the outcome.

  6. colin

    It is looking better.It will be great when it is finished.Can we have another update I am still in Shanghai