Crossing the Great Kei River by Pont

Crossing the Great Kei River by pont into what used to be the old Transkei has always been on my South African bucket list. That was until I got to do it about 6 years or so ago.  Since then I've had the opportunity to do it a couple of times and I always look forward to it.  It's nothing fancy or out of this world, but it is special because there are so few ponts left in South Africa.…

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Wild Coast coastline

One of the trademarks of the coastline along the Wild Coast is rolling grassy hills that suddenly turn into vertical cliffs falling away to the ocean below. 

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A perfect moring on the Wild Coast

You know when you've experienced something that you just want to share over and over again?  My Wild Coast trip was like that (heck, sometimes I feel every trip I go on is like that) and I wish I could transport you all to the day I spend at Wavecrest Hotel and getting up to a perfect windless morning.  Getting up just before sunset with not a ripple on the lagoon. Ahhh, absolute bliss.

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Where did Coffee Bay get it’s name?

Have you ever wondered where Coffee Bay got its name from?  Its not like the Wild Coast is a coffee growing area and beer is a lot more popular around there than coffee anyway. Way back in 1893 on a... this part of the story I don't know so I will give you a couple of options 1. dark stormy night 2. quiet fog covered morning3. bright sunshine day (with the sun shining in the captain's eyes) ... a cargo ship with a…


I experienced the Sliding Rock at Qunu

I got to slide down the sliding rock at Qunu where Madiba and his friends (as well as many local kids before and after him) played as children.  Some of you seem confused so let me explain.   On a recent trip up the Wild Coast I stopped at the Nelson Mandela Museum in Qunu and was taken on a tour by one of the guides.  Part of the tour takes one about 200 meters away from the museum buildings to a couple…

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This is the Wild Coast

Doesn't this just shout out Wild Coast to you?  A winding dirt road, rolling hills dotted with huts and villages and a beautiful rugged coastline second to none.  If you have never been there to experience and see this for yourself, then you really must make a plan cause you are missing out.The photo was taken on the road between Coffee Bay and Hole in the Wall.  #experienceeastcape


Transkei landscape

 The first time I traveled through the old Transkei in the Eastern Cape I could barely keep my eyes on the road.  The rolling hills covered in villages broken up by communal grazing for cattle, mielies fields and other vegetable patches just had me mesmerized.  For most travelling to the Wild Coast the actual coast is what it's all about.  For me the journey to get there is just as exciting 


The road through the Transkei

When people talk about the Eastern Cape, Wild Coast and Transkei then the road are always one of the first things mentioned. "The road is bad." "The road is full of potholes."  "The road this", "the road that" and "the road whatever".  I've never been further than just past East London and got to fly to Durban every time I had to go to Indaba.  The only time I drove to KwaZulu Natal I went via the Eastern Free State to…

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