Antie Evelyn se Eetplek in Nieu-Bethesda

Some people have eating in a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris on their bucket lists. Others want to eat in a restaurant because a certain famous chef designed the menu. I wanted to have dinner at Antie Evelyn se Eetplek and when the opportunity arose I packed my overnight bag and headed into the Eastern Cape's Karoo Heartland to the village of cement owls, fossils, leivore and Auntie Evelyn. Nieu-Bethesda. Auntie Evelyn Oliphant has been running her little restaurant…

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Soweto landscape

A typical Soweto landscape with the Orlando Towers in the background and a couple of minibus taxi's thrown in for good measure, photographed from the Hector Pieterson Memorial.

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Smileys – a township delicacy

Most South Africans probably know what a smiley is, but if you ask any international visitor to the country they would probably say something you use in mobile messages and online comments.  The difference between a township smiley and an online one is very different though.  A township smiley is a cooked sheep's head, regarded as a local delicacy. The sheep heads are boiled in salty water, sometimes with a stock cube thrown in.  Once they are cooked they get put in the…

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Lewer in die township

Ek is mal oor lewer, maar nie almal is groot aanhangers daarvan nie.  In die townships is dit wel baie gewild en word verkoop op baie straathoeke waar kos gemaak en direk uit die potte aan verbygangers verkoop word.  Onlangs het ek 'n toer vir 'n groep na New Brighton township in Port Elizabeth gereel en een van die stopplekke was 'n "wegneemete" hoek.  Hier het een van my kollegas 'n pot lewer en uie voorberei en alhoewel baie van die mense…

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Cows feet for Halloween

Today is Halloween and as in the past I don't have a proper Halloween pic to post, specially seeing that its not really something we celebrate here in South Africa.  So I prefer to rather post something weird or just slightly gross.  This year its cows feet seen in New Brighton in Port Elizabeth at a informal corner butcher and take away. 


Tsisha Nyama

What do you do when you're taking a foreign journalist around and he wants to have something local for lunch? Well, I phoned a colleague at work and suggested that we take him for liver and stew in the township.  He then suggested that we do something else and take the journalist for a traditional ikasi tsisha njama (township braai or barbeque).  Sisha Njama is a Zulu phrase and literally means "burn the meat" while in Xhosa it is spelled Tsisha Njama.  I…


Township lunch – Beef stew and liver

"Are you joining us for lunch of liver and stew in the township ?"  That was the question one of my colleagues asked me the other day.  Now I can be a bit of a picky eater and there are a couple of things I won't touch.  So I thought about it... for about two seconds... and agreed.  And to be very honest, I haven't been sorry I did.  There we were, a Xhosa, two Afrikaners and a Coloured, four South Africans…

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Fruit vendor

One of the many vendors plying their trade along Govan Mbeki Avenue (Main Street) trying to attract business from the folk who either work in the city centre or move through town towards their place of work elsewhere in Port Elizabeth.