1956 Defiance Campaign Mosaic

I have previously posted pictures of two of the 2010 Arts and Teaching Legacy Project art pieces ( "Post 1994 period until the present time" and "An united and cohesive people marching") at Sydneham Primary School across the road from the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.  My favorite piece is a mosaic called "1956 Defiance Campaign" depicting women burning and destroying the pass books in front of the Union Buildings in Pretoria.  Its a pity that this piece isn't somewhere more public where both…

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An united and cohesive people marching

The second of the art pieces that was installed at Sydneham Primary School as part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Arts and Teaching Legacy Project.  The piece is called "An united and cohesive people marching in unison towards a shared destiny" and was created on one of the walls on the stadium side of the school.  The first piece I featured is called "Post 1994 period until the present time" and can be seen here.

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2010 Arts and Teaching Legacy Project

The Sydneham Primary School was one of the schools that benifitted greatly from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa due to its close proximity to the Nelson mandela Bay Stadium (seen in the background of the picture).  Chaos Boy played in a chess tournament at Sydneham Primary and it gave me an opportunity to take a walk through the school grounds to have a look at some of the art pieces installed at the school as part of…

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